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Gary- thanks for the timing report. I extrapolated from my 600k timing sample (550 sec on a P4-2750), which explains why I suddenly thought we were not under-sieving. If there really is a 30-40% jump in execution times at 633, the original sieve-depth estimates are still accurate (I wondered how I was so far off!). Nonetheless, removing the lower candidates is still likely wise.

If you were at 500 sec before the jump, I'm guessing you have a P4-3.2. Core2's LLR at roughly a P4 of 50-60% higher clock speed, so Carlos' 2.4 would get timings equivalent to P4-3.6 to 3.8, or 15-20% faster than Gary. That leaves some error in my estimates, since Carlos is under 700 sec at 775k on 57.... but I'm in the ballpark.

Gary and I are looking to sieve to 58T in the next 10 days, then release files from 700 to 840 or so. 700 to 760 are spoken for... get 'em while they're hot! One reservation at a time, from each batch, please. When we get sieving ahead of LLR reservations, we'll revert to the RPS-drive style of reserving the next range when the current range is about to finish.

Finally, there will be a large break at n=1.2M. Sheep's sieving farm is on hiatus at the moment, and we'll hit a wall at that point until he comes back online. In a perfect world, we'll hit 1M by 1/1/2008, 1.2M by 1 Mar, and Sheep will be back sieving before then. I'll hope.
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