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one more cosmetic bug
if you use option -h then you got text
look at last line ( in the red)
C:\Users\Alpha-I7\Desktop\mtsieve>gfndsieve -h
gfndsieve v1.3, a CPU program to find factors of k*2^n+1 numbers for variable k and n
-h --help prints this help
-p --pmin=P0 sieve start: P0 < p (default 1)
-P --pmax=P1 sieve end: p < P1 (default 2^62)
-w --worksize=w primes per chunk of work (default 1000000)
-W --workers=W start W workers (default 1)
-i --inputterms=i input file of remaining candidates
-I --inputfactors=I input file with factors
-o --outputterms=o output file of remaining candidates
-O --outputfactors=O output file with new factors
-k --kmin=k minimum k to search
-K --kmax=K maximum k to search
-n --nmin=N minimum n to search
-N --nmax=N maximum n to search
-T --nsperfile=T number of n per output file
Fatal Error: kmin must be specified
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