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Originally Posted by pepi37 View Post
What it doesn't do is "convert then exit immediately", but I could probably add a switch for that.- that will be great , so at the end I can get one or more npg files.
Then I dont need srfile anymore ( agree with you)
How many terms are remaining in the output from fbncsieve that require you to split it? In the case of CRUS, you would be using that output as input to srbsieve. In other cases is it possible for you to set up a PRPNet server to hand out the work? If not, I can look into adding a switch (similar to what is in gfndsieve) for splitting the remaining terms from fbncsieve into multiple files.

I recommend avoiding NPG file formats. The ABC format is similar, but the difference between the headers of the two formats makes the ABC format easier to comprehend.
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