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Originally Posted by pepi37 View Post
Newpgen file is created using merge function in that program (sieved across few machines) and then join into one.

Of course there is reason: and reason is called removing factors. I dont know why you now make some new formats when we have srfile that can make miracles , and make remove factors and convert from one to another formats. If you make some new formats, then please make utility to
-allow removing factors
-allow change from one format to another ( and also support to convert to npg format)

How I will remove factors: if I have three computers and every computer make own range?
Use the -I argument to pass a file of factors in the form "p | candidate" into fbncsieve. If you have multiple factor files, concatenate before using as input. fbncsieve can be used to convert input files from ABCD/ABC/NPG formats into ABCD/ABC/NPG format using the -f switch. What it doesn't do is "convert then exit immediately", but I could probably add a switch for that.

fbncsieve does not output "invalid header", so I don't know what issue it had with your file. I will d/l that file later today and see what is tripping it up as I don't see anything obviously wrong with what you pasted.

BTW, one of my long term goals is to remove the need for srfile. None of the programs in this framework rely on srfile for any processing. If they do, then please let me know what I can do to move you away from using it.

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