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Originally Posted by Kosmaj
47*2^n+1 is extensively checked. Have a look here for details.

Thanks for pointing it out to me. I have reserved the k from 1.8M onwards at and plan to take it to 5M. Since this is the only k I am woking on, I think I can do that alone. Other than that the k is low wt and I really don't care any more about finding small primes. I want to find a prime that makes it to the top 10 list. Since with the few resources I have, the only way to do so is to gamble with a low wt k. Just hoping there is a prime for the k=47. I hope I am lucky.

edit: - I also checked on, 'Nohara' has not reserved anything on with n>1.8M , so I guess I am free to work on this k.


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