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Thanks, Thomas-- I was really hoping you'd weigh in with your research soon. I'll try to get those updates on the stats page soon. How far did you sieve these very low-weight candidates? I have two numbers similar in weight to the candidates you chose; it seems 4T is sufficient (plenty, even) for running to 2 million. Did you sieve deeper, and why?

I noticed Joss' work on 403993 after posting that reservation, so I grabbed the sieve file and plan to finish to 500k,which I admit isn't the best time trial for my suggestion. That said, my P3-550 has sieved from 35G to 110G in 20 hrs, so sieving for 1 day on a normal machine is sufficient to prepare LLRing to 500k; I'm still removing candidates at nearly one per hour, so I'll sieve to 150 or 200G before LLRing the 403-500k range.
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