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On the low-weight stats page, there are instructions for getting sieved files off the server.
Go to{your exponent here}_ktest.txt
to get the file.
Some are worthlessly sieved-- I found it faster to create a new file and sieve to 10 million than to download the file. However, the info on the server is still useful, since it shows how dense the candidates will be (sieving only to 10 million is sufficient to show weight).

Kosmaj-- I might be willing to moderate a small forum, if Joss no longer has time. Can you PM or email me with a short description of what it entails? email is vbcurtis at gmail. I'd also like to do a ton of presieving/updating on the low weight stats page, but I didn't want to trouble someone else with handling all the files. If moderating includes being able to upload sieve files to the server, I'd like to do so.
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