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Gribozavr-- how many candidates are left? I can give you a decent estimate of ideal sieving, if you can provide me the weight of the k-value (number of candidates left from n=518k to n=1M is sufficient).

If you have recent data on time per LLR or time per exponent sieved, that will help corroborate my estimation (I want to see if my estimations are accurate, so I'd use this data to double-check).

Also, do you have a P3 or Athlon to do the sieving? Ideal sieving depth if you only possess a P4 is nowhere near as deep as if you can sieve an athlon and LLR with a P4, since the P4 is relatively so much better at LLR than sieving. If you have only P4, I don't mind running a sieve for a week or so on an Athlon to give you a boost (you wouldn't have to credit me for any primes found).
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