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Originally Posted by Happy5214 View Post
Its Nash weight is 1261, which puts it a bit above what is generally considered low-weight (<1000).

I'll add that all k's between 10k and 100k have been fully tested below n~=1k, and k's between 10k and 15k have been tested to n=20k. The results from those can be found at

(After reading the next few posts after a page cutoff...)

The old Riesel database is gradually being replaced with, which is in a wiki format. would be a more appropriate place to post low-priority data, or you could apply for a wiki account at to enter the data yourself.

If you're looking for useful work, you may consider filling in gaps in the data for unreserved k's already in the old or new Riesel DB. Check with to make sure you don't overlap with my work in that area. I also am working on the RPS 9th and 10th Drive k's below n=400k, all Woodall and near Woodall k's > 10k, and all k's between 10k and 15k with missing data, all on local PRPNet servers.

Edit: has the Nash weight calculators alluded to by Paul.
There are lots of missing k's in the database. I really do not know how to interpret the Github data. It seems to jump around a lot. If it was in a more strict order, perhaps.

I have been running k = 6001 for several days. It's "Nash" value is 938. 6001 did not appear in any of the databases. I am approaching n = 500,000. I was experimenting with Nash on numbers close to what was on my parents mailbox, 3789. 3780 has a Nash value of 4135. 3789's Nash is 2109. There is a second number in the sequence. Sometimes it is higher than the first and other times, it is lower.

VBCurtis mentioned multiples of 15 were somewhat popular now. Looking at the old database, multiples ending in zero were not there. I was not expecting them to be there.

Unless there is an objection, I will continue with 6001. I was recently "gigged" for not running k's longer.
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