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Hello, i have no option but to run everything manual.

Machines that are networked here are getting hacked so terrible and i need to do the security on my own of them. So the only thing that has even remotely a chance of not crashing 20 times a day is by using airgapped machines. Also this linux machine which is on the internet crashes regular.

Fighting such systematic attacks that i get over the internet against my computers as i have IP number the same for 15 years now, is total impossible.

It takes me a lot of extra time - but that's how it is.

I have written several tools, recently one to split up ranges to many cores. If i start then the cores at the same time with a script they roughly also finish at same time finishing range.

That's very useful :)

So each 8 core Xeon here then is easier to maintain.

Before that i just used big batches that run for very long time and keep on back of an envelope an administration which core to regular check for being idle first :)

So with a few tools i split up the ranges into small files that get get started manual.

I'm searching in the 4.2 million now yet it'll take months for the slowest core to finish 4M. There is very little to check up to 4M though and i'm taking into account it's possible next 2 primes are around 4.5M. Will take some time until i'm there :)
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