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yes very far in the 3.5M+ yet one node with 8 finishing cores in range 2.95M - 3.2M suffered from heat problems and it yet has to be fixed coming week or so. I expect it to be up and running next week or so. So it doesn't make sense to call it for sure there are no primes in those ranges.

Odds become very realistic though next prime is > 1M digits.

Then after that i need a check i checked all the exponents i had to check.

My machines are not networked (poor man's security against consultants sneaking around) so each core has its own job.

Of course i found already 2 more primes than i had expected to find within this range, so i'm not complaining in that sense :)

edit: checked up to 2.98M all exponents once - more info 2 weeks from now.

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