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Originally Posted by shanecruise View Post
i'm trying to run srseive on linux
can you help me with a sample input
Let's assume that you want to sieve k=12345 for nmin=1M and nmax=1.2M:
./srsieve 12345*2^n-1 -n 1000000 -N 1200000 -f
The option "-f" means that the factors are written to a logfile (srfactors.txt). You may omit this.
Of course, you may specify more than one sequence (multiple k).
pmin and pmax can be specified by "-p" and "-P". If not given, the sieve will start at p=2 and will run until manually stopped (by pressing Ctrl-C).

The output will be written to the file "srsieve.out".
This file may be converted by using the tool called "srfile":
./srfile -g srsieve.out
This will create individual files for each k in NewPGen format. The option "-G" will create a combined file ("PRP" format). The option "-a" converts to "abcd" format. You will need this file format when you want to use sr2sieve.

Hope this helps...

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