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I got 4.3.7 working on 1 box and it is reporting some work finally.

I tried all versions from 5.0.5 back to 4.3.7 on the laptops and they all fail on the T4500 chips for both 32 bit and 64 bit options. It's a bit disappointing.
3.1.7 still works on the T4500 cores, but now the server doesn't recognise the results.
I suspect someone has got trigger happy with some compiler flags. :P
A good incentive to go back to compiling my own clients again.
It's nice when things 'just work'.

So 4 out of 22 cores isn't a complete failure.

PS - someone needs to watch what end-of-line characters they use. that 4.3.7 master ini file is awful when you look at it in Notepad. Much better in N++ though.
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