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I'm 'trying' to use prpclient-5.0.5-windows.7z
Used the PRPNet client link in the 1st post in this thread and ended up here:
Can't see the older versions you guys are talking about.
Downloaded the 5.0.5 client.
The readme instructions need to be updated

1. unzip the 7z
2. open that folder
3. modify the file master_prpnet.ini with your settings
4. run the X-xxxx-install-prpclient.bat which will create the number of folders and copy in the programs to each (NB - it does NOT copy the INI file)
5. run the X-xxxx-update-prpclient-ini.bat (NB - this does copy the INI file)
6. run the X-xxxx-start-prpclient.bat

That 'should' get you going.

On Win7 64 however I have a 'failure to fly' with prpclient-5.0.5-windows.7z:

"Fatal error at setup : Number sent to gwsetup is too large for the FFTs to handle."

10 cores idling.

Has someone got a link to a PRPNet client that works that I can use?

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