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Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
@ Lennart: has anything changed in your windows 7z download package?

I have downloaded it a few times today and after I update the master_prpclient.ini config file with my ID details etc and put in the line containing the port 9000 stuff ( and //commenting out the other projects/ports the app fails with a Windows message (prpclient.exe is missing).

I have run the quad update batch file once (4-quad-update-prpclient.bat) and then try to run quad start (4-quad-start-prpclient.bat) and it says the prpclient.exe is missing. I also noticed that the 4 sub-directories that were created by the previous installation package are not made now with today's package (I guess that explains the missing prpclient.exe message).
What OS Win7 ?

Check that you have permission to create directory.

The same in linux and check that all scripts and bin files have execution permission.

I dowloaded and run the install script for 4 core and got 4 new folders and the apps in them.


EDIT: You do it in the uncompressed folder ? :)

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