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Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
@ Lennart: has anything changed in your windows 7z download package?

I have downloaded it a few times today and after I update the master_prpclient.ini config file with my ID details etc and put in the line containing the port 9000 stuff ( and //commenting out the other projects/ports the app fails with a Windows message (prpclient.exe is missing).

I have run the quad update batch file once (4-quad-update-prpclient.bat) and then try to run quad start (4-quad-start-prpclient.bat) and it says the prpclient.exe is missing. I also noticed that the 4 sub-directories that were created by the previous installation package are not made now with today's package (I guess that explains the missing prpclient.exe message).
No not the last 14 days.

When you run 4 core install script there shall be 4 prpclient-1-4.

If not there are something wrong.

I shall investigate..

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