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Originally Posted by odicin View Post
Try to use the actual 3.8.7 llr64 dev builds. In most cases there speedups at around 10% on 64bit systems.

Regards Odi
Ah, thanks, prompted by this I did some more searching and found the 64-bit Windows build.
Originally Posted by Neo View Post
You are doing extremely well in the stats if that is your only crunching rig.

I have 7 Phenom II cores running (3.35-3.6ghz) and your system is keeping up.

Aggie The Pew
Yes, that's my only rig. You're doing about 30/hour. Per core, you're doing slightly better than me, which is to be expected given the CPU (Intel generally runs FFTs faster than comparable AMD) and GHz (I'm 2.8 GHz) differences.
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