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Originally Posted by Mr. P-1 View Post
If you expended 100 times as much effort, you might get up to 10^21. If you devoted the entire world's computer resources to the project, you could probably push it well past 10^30.

You'd never, ever, reach this 100 digit prime:
That makes the point crystal clear. I haven't seen any online resources offering such a concise explanation.

Originally Posted by Mr. P-1 View Post
I don't know what you mean by "unique" in this context.
The first answer you gave answers this one. With such a huge gap in the prime record, there is no way any of the primes we generate here are a part of that continuous list. I thought maybe there were people somewhere who would test the neighborhood of announced primes for primality as well, perhaps "finding" some that might have been shown later.

Now I see that was a stupid assumption!

So each prime that is found is, essentially, a new find. I'd call that a discovery. The large primes you mentioned I would call a "monumental undertaking" as well.

Originally Posted by Mr. P-1 View Post
I suggest you read this primer on primality testing. You'll have a much better understanding of what you see in this forum.
Primer on primes. Nice!
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