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Originally Posted by Rick Reynolds View Post
True but I was really looking for someone with a 32 bit version since I can't convert to a 64 bit yet. Thanks for the info however.

that 607 on your 470 is that the core and if so what are you running your shaders at? I have a 460 running at 1512 on the shaders.
The GTX 470 runs at stock clocks: I'm currently testing my tpsieve changes on it. I initially tested them on a GTX 460 (GF 104 chip, Compute Capability 2.1) and now trying out a few changes on a GF 100 chip (Compute Capability 2.0) based GTX 470 card. Clocks are the standard: 607 MHz Core, 1215 MHz Shaders (2x core clocks, as usual) and 1674 MHz memory.

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