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Originally Posted by AMDave View Post
Apologies for the weird time warp.

There was some bad grammar in my foundation incantation which incarnated some gremlins by accident.

The gremlins have now been vanquished with a magical 'debug' spell.

All's well as the prime hunt crashes forcibly and inexorably through the dark undergrowth of the K-and-N forest.
[Stage direction: sound of baying hounds and the thundering of hooves]

Beware you elusive little primes, your time is nigh.
Ah, much better. Thanks for getting all that ironed out!

Now to find some primes...perhaps I'll at long last fine one in this rally. (Of course, it would help if I didn't accidentally leave one of my quad's cores idle when I moved them to port 9000...need to fix that tonight.)

Meanwhile, Lennart is posting some impressive hourly stats...600 pairs/hour! That's incredible. Last rally he just managed 400 pairs/hour--though to be fair, the tests were bigger that time, so the amount of underlying resources is probably about the same.

Also yet to be seen is whether our friends from AMD Users and Free-DC (Vaughan, James, and Brian), who so resoundingly dominated the last couple of rallies, will make an appearance. You guys coming?
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