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Originally Posted by firejuggler View Post
almost done with assignement (307 1M-1.1M, no prime so far)
i'll take 363, for the same range (hopefully, it will go faster)

Can you Email Firejuggler k=363 for n=1M-1.1M? I think you have his Email address.

If you can copy me in on that, I'll be able to Email them to him in the future.


k=363 should take 4-5 times longer to test than k=307. k=363 has 6173 pairs to test for n=1M-1.1M while k=307 only has 1343 pairs. On the bright side, you'll have a lot better chance of a prime. :-)

If you look at the 1st post, you'll see a list of "weights" for k's that have not been started yet. (I've now removed your k=363.) This gives a relative idea of how many pairs each k will have. The higher it is, the more pairs it will have. The average is about 1600. k=363 has a weight of >3100; one of the highest of all k=300-400.


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