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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
To make it official: Reserving k=315/321/327/333/339/345 for n=1M-1.3M for port 3500 for another 6k mini drive.


I have port 3500 set up, loaded up and ready to go for the next 6k drive but have not yet started it. My router congif has also been tweaked for the new server. For now, I've only loaded n=1M-1.1M into the server.

I can't remember what you did behind-the-scenes for the previous 6k drives. Should it be added to the regular "LLRnet servers for NPLB" web page? If so, of course we'll need to add it to the 1st post of that thread there.

I wanted to hold off starting it until you confirm everything that needs to be done but most importantly, can you please make sure that AMDave has all of the behind-the-scenes stuff set up for the stats DB and that he has had plenty of time to check things in that regard?

After doing what you need to, feel free to let 'er rip. You should just be able to hit enter on the L3500 command prompt server tab.


Dave should be all set on his end, so the only further things to do are:
-Add the server to the script that copies off its results files daily
-Add the server to my script that generates the page
-Add the server to the "LLRnet servers for NPLB" thread

I'll do both shortly.

Edit: all done!

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