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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Max, assuming that we decide to do this, I'll leave it up to you what port we want to use. I seem to remember you mentioning port 2500 in an Email but wasn't sure if that was set in stone. If the interest is there, we could also set up a PRPnet server for part of the range.
The port I previously mentioned to Dave for this was 3500--I've reserved the 2x00 space for doublecheck servers in the future (to avoid confusion with standard servers). I already detailed my numbering convention to Gary by email before, but for everyone else's sake, here it is:

First-pass NPLB servers: ports x000 and x500 (the latter beginning at 3500)
Second-pass NPLB servers: ports 2x00
CRUS servers: ports 1x00

(Note that ports <1024 are a pain to use under Linux, so those are off-limits for servers.)

Right now the only remaining unused x000 port is 2000, so I emailed Dave a while back asking him to open up x500 so we'd have more room there. Even though port 2000 is available, to avoid confusion with future and past doublecheck servers in the 2x00 range, I'd rather avoid using 2000 for firstpass servers unless we completely run out of other options; therefore the new server will be on port 3500. Any more servers in the future will go on 4500, 5500, etc.

Meanwhile, though, definitely agreed on doing another mini-drive. (Duh, Gary and I already discussed this privately so of course I'm agreed on it. ) I might chip in at some point once it's running--as I recall I netted a couple of big juicy primes off the last such mini-drive and I wouldn't mind repeating that, this time for some megabits.

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