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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
You can also obtain an even greater list from my RieselPrimeDatabase for download here!

I've just updated this list (and the twins-list, too). It's in the npg-format sorted by n-values for all primes in all summary-pages.
That should work great, thanks. I'll see if I can find any twins that aren't already known.
Originally Posted by science_man_88 View Post
this what you want ?
No, what Karsten said.
Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
If you want I can dump the DB's list for you rather easily, but it sounds like Karsten's list might be even better, since it contains ALL known Riesel primes rather than just NPLB's. If you'd still like to get the DB's list, though, let me know.
Unless for some reason there're any primes in the DB but not in Karsten's list, no I don't need NPLB's list. Thanks anyway.
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