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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
No, I think not!

Those small twins are all known (see list at download or the summary-pages).

He was asking of higher n-levels say n~500000 for any prime of the form k*2^n-1.
Test those k/n-pairs if the number k*2^n+1 is prime, too! The Riesel-side (-1) is known to be prime for many values here but none has ever tested the '+1'-side!
OTOH the chance for finding a new twin by testing only these primes is very low.
I am annoyed by mousekeys and it may take hours for my pari code to do this if I could use message boxes in win32 assembly good I'd try that.

the hard part is a prime check loop I think if I use Iczelion's win32 ASM tutorials. I did buy a ASM book though but it's for HLA might have to adapt it to win32, or someone else can try this as I suck at it lol.

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