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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
As mentioned those results were from IB5000 and IB 8000 servers!

Tell me which results you missing and i see what i got.
Okay, I've uploaded a dump of all results with user "Unknown" to: Edit by Max: link taken offline (no longer needed)

A few of the "Unknown" results are just occasional pairs that you, myself, or Gary filled in during processing, but there definitely appear to be some whole ranges in there. They are:

1st Drive, n=510K-510K.5K
Strange...that range was done manually by me. It's possible that this range was accidentally mislabeled in manual-import preprocessing. This can be easily remedied with a quick SQL command.

1st Drive, n=543038-543749
This range was originally done by the C443 server. It looks like we missed one file when we manually downloaded the results from Carlos's web site and sent them to Dave for importing.

3rd Drive, n=340K-383274
Originally done by IB5000. This may have been before we moved the DB over to David's server; if it was still on Adam's machine, then we would have been doing these manually. It seems these files here were somehow neglected.

Karsten, if you have the original LLRnet-format results for the latter two, send them my way--I'll talk to Dave about figuring out some way to have the DB do a special import on them where it will use them to replace "Unknown" results where appropriate. As for the first one (the 1st Drive range done by me), since that was a manual range done entirely by one person it's simply a matter of mislabeling and can be easily corrected.

BTW, I didn't see any "Unknown" results from IB8000 ranges; could you possibly point those out to me?

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