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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
As you can see on rieselprime for Drive 12A, I'm at k=2177 with including primes in the 2000-4000 summary page so far.
It's indeed very time-consuming to check for confirmed primes but i found some problems so far:
There're some primes not listed yet in the summary although the test-range was higher. Here are the issues so far:

2055: done to n=400k (S.Tjung) but missed n=216369 -> max-n=250k
2085: done to n=400k (S.Tjung) but missed n=193924 -> max-n=250k
2171: done to n=1.0M (Beyond?) but missed n=101974 -> max-n=250k
2175: done to n=400k (S.Tjung) but missed n=183243,224093 -> max-n=250k

I've therefore set the test-range down to n=250k.

More work will be done slowly the next weeks!
Don't worry, Gary, you got enough time.

That's why NPLB includes ALL k's in our drives (unless reserved and we would "run over" existing reservations). Way to go all! We found primes missed by others! Even the non-top-5000 primes are important.

On the 5 or so k's excluded from the 11th drive, we'll (mainly me but also whomever else might want to help) will be double checking those ~5 k's for n=425K-600K close to the time that the 11th drive is nearing n=600K. I'm shooting for mid-year on it getting there. Late in 2008, such a double check netted a missing top-5000 prime!

k=2400-2600 is really messy so I'll work on sorting it out and getting a file link for it on Monday. It's high on my task list now.

Max, good idea on just doing file links instead of listing the last 100k or so in the post. That's a bit of a nuisance. Yeah, I/we will just do file links for all of the primes...well, at least for all n=50K-250K primes. The file links are small and use little posting space. With all n=50K-250K primes in links, we'll likely be able to show all or a large portion of n=250K-350K primes as line items in the post. That's kind of a personal preference on my part. :-)

Max, one more thing. All of Lennart's k=2400-2600 primes are already shown in the 1st post here. I'll just take the primes file that you already sent me from Bruce (or that he sent me?) and add those to it. For primes that they both found, I'll just show both their names as having found them, with whomever found them first listed first. In other words, you don't need to do anything for me to be able to do that. That's my Monday task. :-)


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