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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Oh, I moved out the primes long before Bruce commenced with the manual processing of the range. Ian and I just need to follow up on listing all of the primes. It's an arduous task that I just haven't had time for yet. What usually has been happening is that he would list as many as he could until it fills up, then I would move them off. But for tons of them that came in so fast like that, it makes more sense for me to just format them first into file links to begin with and maybe have him list the last k=100 or so of them. In other words, it makes no sense for him to list them, then have me copy them off, then him list them, etc.

So it's on my shoulders, not his, to put them in file links at this point. It's a bit of an effort because I have to check whether they are confirmed or new, just like Ian does when he lists them in the 1st post here. But what is a pain to get started on it this time around is that I need to wade through Bruce's primes to see which one's Lennart's already found. I think I'll show them both as finding them.

So as you can see, it's no easy task. Tell you what...Monday is my admin day when I'm out of town...good day to catch up on paperwork and stuff. I'll write it on my task list for Monday to spend an hour checking what is new/confirmed, if Bruce/Lennart both found the same prime, etc. and creating file links. In an hour, I'm thinking I can finish the most difficult part, which is doing k=2400-2600. Even though we already have primes well above that listed, Bruce started manually at k=2400 because of the server problems that we had so I'll likely need to show both of them finding quite a few primes. Another day I'll get to k=2600-3000, which should take less time for twice the size since it's a clean manual run. I guess that's why I've procrastinated it a little...I know k=2400-2600 is going to be a pain administratively.
Well, what I had in mind was that possibly Ian could take the primes and put them into flat text files, which he would attach to a forum post and you could upload to the web. Then you could just plop the file links here. (We wouldn't even necessarily need to list the last k=100 or so of them...there's so many of them that I imagine even just the file links will fill up the code box somewhat.) This is, of course, assuming that Ian doesn't mind.

As for k=2400-2600: that might be a tad tricky. You see, the results files from the PRPnet portion of that never got copied off due to the database mess that needs to be cleaned up; they're still sitting in G7000's folder on humpford's desktop. I can send the file to you if you'd like.

Karsten, please hold off on listing in k=2400-3000 for n=50K-250K primes found in this effort on your pages until after next Monday. That way, I can tell if they were confirmed or found new.

Regardless, Max, if you have time, I'd like to see LLRnet port 7000 get loaded up with k=2000-2100 (or 2000-2200) for n=250K-350K any time and then let Bruce know about it. LLRnet works great for this range. We only goofed last time because of the extra header-in-the-file problem. You might give him your personal guarantee that we've closely inspected the file for any error that could cause problems and that my LLRnet port 6000 has been running great with ~60-70 cores total on it right now. Also mention that since the tests aren't so small, the load on the server will be much smaller. (n=250K takes ~25 times as long to test as n=50K)
About that, I'm still waiting for the database to be cleaned out from the old mess. I'll have to send Dave an email about that today.
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