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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Karsten, please hold off on listing in k=2400-3000 for n=50K-250K primes found in this effort on your pages until after next Monday. That way, I can tell if they were confirmed or found new.
As you can see on rieselprime for Drive 12A, I'm at k=2177 with including primes in the 2000-4000 summary page so far.
It's indeed very time-consuming to check for confirmed primes but i found some problems so far:
There're some primes not listed yet in the summary although the test-range was higher. Here are the issues so far:

2055: done to n=400k (S.Tjung) but missed n=216369 -> max-n=250k
2085: done to n=400k (S.Tjung) but missed n=193924 -> max-n=250k
2171: done to n=1.0M (Beyond?) but missed n=101974 -> max-n=250k
2175: done to n=400k (S.Tjung) but missed n=183243,224093 -> max-n=250k

I've therefore set the test-range down to n=250k.

More work will be done slowly the next weeks!
Don't worry, Gary, you got enough time.

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