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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post

The web page itself does not display the prime that Bruce found today. It's correct in the primes file but still shows "(none yet)" under primes found today on the page.

Actually, he didn't find that prime today. The reason why it shows it with a timestamp of 05:44:55 is because PRPnet gives all its times in GMT. I didn't go to the trouble of putting code in my converter script to change it to local time in the LLRnet-formatted output, because in the end, it doesn't end up making that much of a difference (we already have mixed timezones in the DB, with David's GMT-7 servers and your GMT-6 winter/GMT-5 summer servers). Essentially, this means that the timestamps on the PRPnet results files will always be off by 6 hours in the winter and 5 hours in the summer.

So, when you account for that, the prime was actually found at 23:44:55 last night--which was about 15 minutes before the daily copy-off. Hence, it is no longer listed on the main status page.
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