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Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that our new PRPnet server for the 5th Drive, G3000, is up and running! It is replacing our IB4000 LLRnet server for this drive. To run it, go to our PRPnet thread to download and set up the latest version of the client. The client packages there should be preconfigured with G3000 at 100% work proportion (though if you're upgrading from an older client you'll need to add G3000 to your prpclient.ini manually).

Note that as of now, we don't have this PRPnet server hooked up to the DB yet; Dave will need to add a little patch to throw out results with blank residues (which resulted from bugs in earlier PRPnet versions; even though they should be gone now, we still want to play it safe) before we can start importing results from G3000. However, the results will still be copied off daily to in LLRnet format, so Ian, you can continue to process results for this the same way you did for LLRnet IB4000.

Have fun!

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