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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
I hadn't checked that. I'll go do that now...

BTW, I got a PM from Ian saying that in his experience, having that particular page blank out was a direct precursor to data being lost from the middle of the prpserver.candidates file. Sure enough, when I checked the server, it seems that there's a small hole in the file: it's supposed to be all of k=300-400 for n=300K-350K, but k=359 and k=361 are missing. If something did happen, though, it happened rather cleanly; no other k's, even the ones around them, seem to be affected (at least at a glance).

k=359 and 361 are k's that were not in the original sieve file in addition to k=343 and 375. I'll send you the original sieve files for those k's shortly to load in there.

So in this case, nothing is missing.
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