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Default Team drive #12 k=2000-3000 n=50K-425K

This is team drive #12 for NPLB.

We will be searching all k=2000-3000 for n=50K-425K. The drive will be processed by k-value and will be broken up into 3 n-ranges: n=50K-250K, 250K-350K, and 350K-425K.

Karsten has created web pages which show details for the ranges n=50K-250K, n=250K-350K and n=350K-425K.

An LLRnet server will be processing a large part of the range.
To get the latest client for the server, see LLRnet supports LLR V3.8.
For general info. on setting up and running the server see Automated LLR testing with LLRnet.
The info. specific to the server that needs to be entered into your llr-clientconfig.txt file is:

server = ""
port = 7000

For this drive, there will be no top-5000 primes. For ranges run on the server, the admins will take care of showing all primes in this post.

Please post requests for manual files and we will send them to you. For manual ranges, please wait until you have completed your range and then post primes in THIS THREAD along with your completion status.

All primes found from drive #12 by k and n-value:
 k-range    n-range   tested by        Status       # primes
2800-3000  350K-425K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress
2600-2800  350K-425K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress
2400-2600  350K-425K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress   47 (plus 4 confirmed)
2200-2400  350K-425K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress   41 (plus 9 confirmed)
2000-2200  350K-425K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress   28 (plus 30 confirmed)
2800-3000  250K-350K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress   70 (plus 10 confirmed)
2600-2800  250K-350K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress   82 (plus 4 confirmed)
2477-2600  250K-350K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress   66 (plus 4 confirmed)
2400-2475  250K-350K  Sloth           complete      41 (plus 1 confirmed)
2200-2400  250K-350K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress   55 (plus 18 confirmed)
2000-2200  250K-350K  LLRnet (G7000)  in progress   58 (plus 33 confirmed)
2800-3000   50K-250K  Brucifer        complete     353 (plus 69 confirmed)
2600-2800   50K-250K  Brucifer        complete     473 (plus 2 confirmed)
2400-2600   50K-250K  Brucifer        complete     457 (plus 26 confirmed)
2200-2400   50K-250K  LLRnet (G7000)  complete     459 (plus 40 confirmed)
2000-2200   50K-250K  LLRnet (G7000)  complete     308 (plus 187 confirmed)
Time to fill in some huge ranges!


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