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I cannot view the stats from work (the port is blocked), but if any of them were generated from the 2.1.2 (or older) server, then the large ones are most likely garbage. I fixed an issue in 2.1.3 where scores were calculated incorrectly. The user stats are persistent, in other words, they are not calculated on the fly like the server stats.
Hmm, I see. Well, I'm pretty sure that most of that data was picked up on 2.2.x versions, so we should be good on that count. I have noticed, however, that PRPnet scores in general tend to balloon to very big numbers if you put a lot of crunching onto one server; see my personal server at for an example of this. Note that this server, AFAIR, never ran a version lower than 2.2.1. Edit: Note also that this server's done a bunch of big base 12 numbers, so that huge score isn't quite as abnormal as it would otherwise look.

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