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Originally Posted by AMDave View Post
can you double check that both clients on that machine were started without the no-gui flag and both client config files have "GUIremote = 1" uncommented?
Yes, it is uncommented in both C:\NPLB and C:\NPLB1 llr-clientconfig.txt files.

Also I'm using the left systray icon but that;s the one that fails to display. If I then try the right hand systray icon the GUI window opens. Then I add the 6998 client and its "normal" ie working as it should.

Same thing happens on Lisa's XPS laptop so I just run one instance on that machine. Anyways, LLRnet makes it run very hot; at least 6deg C hotter than the most aggressive BOINC applications. I have to start two instances, run the GUI from the RHS one then let the C:\NPLB1 end after one test. This lets the laptop cool down from near 90C to the mid 70s.

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