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Help request:

I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 running at stock 1.86GHz. It has 2GB DDR2 RAM. OS is Windows XP Pro SP3. Its been running stably for ages, couple of years at 24/7. It is running a network version of AVG plus the netDIMES project and BOINC FreeHAL@Home.

When I run NPLB from two separate folders (sub-directories) off the C:\ drive the two instances run OK. However, the GUI won't open on the second instance, only on the first (I think that's the right order). I have added the extra port and now see both instances crunching on the GUIport 6999 and GUIport 6998.

How do I get the GUI to display regardless of which Systemtray icon I right click on and select 'New GUI window'?
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