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Originally Posted by AMDave View Post
I run several Linux servers and workstations and I do not have that issue.
I think that your server entry is incomplete as you do not have the "www." precedent in front.
It should be

The IP address is not likely to change soon but using the correct server name is preferred in case that should happen.
If you can spare the time to do a test with this server name it would be much appreciated.
It works for me with or without the "www.", so I don't think that's the issue. Rather, I think Zachariassen was hit by a rather annoying bug that occurs on Red Hat- or Debian-based distros when the LLRnet binary was not originally compiled on one of those distros, where the client isn't able to resolve DNS addresses. The solution is to either compile it yourself, or use someone else's binary that was compiled on one of those distros. An alternative workaround is to use the IP address instead, which worked for Zachariassen in this case.

I know that I compiled the client myself a while back (on Ubuntu, which is Debian-based so it works for those systems) and posted it for download. The only disadvantage of that build is that it doesn't have the GUI enabled (since I don't have the GUI development libraries installed on my machine). Zachariassen, if you don't mind not having a GUI, I can see if I can dig up a link to download my Debian build, so you don't have to use the IP address.

Regarding the IP address workaround: there shouldn't be a problem with that changing, since David has a static IP. Of course, this workaround wouldn't work too well for the servers, which are on a dynamic IP that can change at any time without warning.
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