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Originally Posted by Brucifer View Post
@project_admins: I have two ISP's here, Verizon, and Charter. Charter has issues in that I cannot access Prof Caldwell's top-5000 site to report primes. My Verizon account is not working and the earliest that a Verizon Tech will be here is five days away. The problem lies in the wiring from my house box to their big dsl cloud in the sky.

The outcome of this is that I need a version of the old port 9000 with the clean-up work on it that I can just run like before.
Well, right now we have PRPnet G2000, which is loaded with non-top-5000 doublecheck work right now (k=300-400, n=300K-350K). Since (if memory serves) you're already set up for PRPnet, that might be what you're looking for.

BTW: do you know what kind of issues are preventing you from accessing the top-5000 site through Charter? Is it having trouble resolving the domain in DNS? If so, that can probably be fixed by plugging in an alternate DNS server.

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