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Originally Posted by gamer007 View Post
If it's alright, I would like to reserve:


This would keep my Q6600 fully loaded with NPLB (Currently running PrimeGrid on 2 cores)
Not a problem. It's OK to reserve whatever you can complete in < about a month.

Just to confirm: Are you running on a Windows machine? If so, do you see the little green LLR square on the bottom right of your screen for each occurrence of LLR that is running? As Max stated, when that turns red, then the range is done.

I'm not sure if it was mentioned or not, although you probably figured it out already: It's best to run each occurrence of LLR from a separate directory (folder). As a general rule, that applies to any software that you would use for our project: LLRnet, manual LLR, sr(x)sieve, etc.

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