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Today, the local news said that there was a high fire danger due to strong winds and low humidity. Temps were also unseasonably warm, even for my area.

Still though, wildfires in mid-January? Wow.

Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
This was a colder December/Early January than most but even after 50 years I still can't get used to the cold and still wonder why I'm still living here.
I'm still not used to the summer heat after 15+ years of living here. It gets up to 105 degrees (40 degrees C) on some days, and there's the occasional threat of a power outage due to high electricity demand. I'm not thinking about moving unless global warming turns out to be really bad, but the ideal weather for me would be somewhere like Reno, Nevada or Santa Fe, New Mexico. Summer highs are in the low 90s (33 degrees C), and winter lows are in the high teens to low 20s ( - 7 degrees C). So it's cold enough for snow, but not that cold.

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