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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
This night snowed something that it is rare in the region I live in Portugal. I live in the north near the beach and 15 miles away from here snowed all night long.


I know that for some of you it's an usual thing but here only happens one time in 20 years or more...

Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
I live in Texas. The low for this winter (so far) is 24.6. It was 63 degrees this morning, it's about 74 now, predicted high/low today of 81/52, tomorrow 58/34. Today is warmer than it's been lately, but not too unusual. Texas doesn't have months of winter, it has days of winter (not only referring to overall length, but the quick changes like today and tomorrow).
Same here (southern California). There are only a few days a year where the temperatures drop below 40 degrees (4 degrees Celsius), and it snows maybe once in 25 years or so.

Colder weather can be found in the mountains a half hour drive from where I live. But even there, most of the snow is man-made by the ski resorts, and yearly snowfall totals might be 5-8 feet at the most.
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