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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post

I don't think you are Raiding anything are you?

I think we should drop the Team_name all together.
We can load the team names into the database and assign it that way.
This way, if someone wants to team hop, pain in the butt as it would be, it can be changed in the db affiliation. I think that is how it's done in many projects...

I read somewhere, I think in the Free-DC forum, that Bok and/or Ironbits were designing things such that there would be a database of people associated to teams. That's why I wondered if we'd need to have a team name in our ID.

Can that database be set up in the near future?

Based on the discussion, here is a plan of action:

1. I think it's decided, let's start a new team called "RaidersOfTheLostPrimes". I don't know if it can have spaces like "Ars Technica Team Prime Rib". If so, that would be good. Carlos or David or whomever, can you set that up for us?

2. I guess anyone can be leader of the group. It doesn't have to be an admin. Any volunteers?

Assuming the above database of team names/people in them is a viable option, the following likely needs to be done:

1. Set up the database of team names and people in them.

2. After #1 is done, David or whomever can do it, can you write something to convert all of the user ID's in existing results to remove the team name from them?

3. Karsten or Anon, do you need to modify any automated scripts that you have written that tabulate results or totals based on the removal of the team names from all of the ID's?

Is there anything else anyone can think of?

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