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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post

I don't think you are Raiding anything are you?

I think we should drop the Team_name all together.
We can load the team names into the database and assign it that way.
This way, if someone wants to team hop, pain in the butt as it would be, it can be changed in the db affiliation. I think that is how it's done in many projects...
In fact, that's the way it was done on Adam's old server--since your stats setup is an offshoot of his code, you should find that under the Admin page there's a handy-dandy little thing that lets you adjust which users are marked under what teams in the database. And then, if someone changes teams, it would be even simpler than what you were saying: simply change the user's team affiliation in the database, and the old results stay with the old team, while all new results go to the new team.

As for the team name in the username: the reason why I suggested having it as optional was so that we wouldn't have to mess with changing the usernames on all the millions of results already returned with team names in the usernames. What I was thinking was, the stats server would just completely ignore team names in the usernames, and instead just check the database directly to find a user's team affiliation. (Essentially, the user would be choosing to include the team name as part of their username if they so wished, though it would be completely irrelevant to the server.)
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