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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
I think we shouldn't abbreviate our team name in the account name thing (where it's teamname_username), even though RaidersOfTheLostPrimes is a bit long to put in. The reason is that acronyms for this are awkward, and changing the words around a little to e.g. PrimeRaiders or LostPrimeRaiders loses the Raiders of the Lost Ark reference and sounds weird. (like the focus is on raiding instead of primes)
Hmm...well, actually I've noticed that there are in fact a number of other projects that abbreviate all their team names (PSP is a good example that I can think of right off the bat). I still think that it would be better to abbreviate long team names such as this, since otherwise the long usernames might mess up the columns on the stats pages.

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