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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Special thanks to IronBits and Adam (AES) for graciously hosting the LLRnet server for us!
Please update your comment by deleting the second part of it.

Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post

Q: Where are the stats? How often are they updated?
A: The stats are at The stats for the AES300 server are updated real-time, whereas the stats for all the other servers are imported into the database every few days to a week.

Q: How do I know if I found a prime (besides checking lresults.txt, which may or may not be feasible depending on the situation)?
A: If you're using our (AES300) server, you can just send a PM or email to me (Anonymous) or Adam (AES) with your email in it, and we can get it punched in to the server so that it will automatically send you email notifications of primes. If you're using any of our other servers, you can't get e-mail notifications, but we will notify you either by forum PM or email if you find a prime and don't report it within a few days.
Same here.

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