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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Prof. Keller has now updated the intervals searched ranges here.

It's cool to see our faithful searchers names shown as assisting in checking these ranges. You can also see your full name shown at the bottom of the page under 'list of contributors'.

There are still many search gaps on the page for n<260K so when you have a spare core, grab a 3-k range, check it, and report your range to Prof. Keller if not already shown completed to n=260K!

The next range gaps that this double-check effort will fill are k=33 for n=250K-260K and k=37,43, 47, and 51 for n=210K-260K.

As we do the work for our new k < 300 drive, I/we will report the ranges done as a project. Obviously RPS has completely dropped the ball on reporting them. They were reporting them initially several years ago and then just stopped for no reason.

Not only does NPLB leave no primes behind, it leaves no ranges behind! lol

Hmm...I was trying to make sense of Prof. Keller's k<300 page just now, but it's kinda hard to follow--I can't even locate the list of double-checked ranges at all, just the first-pass ones. I'm sure they're hiding in there somewhere, though; could you please point me to them?
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