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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
EXCELLENT WORK Karsten! And thanks for checking and finding some errors on my page.

I think you mentioned in a PM removing the 'missing at Primesearch' verbiage from the k=300-2000 page. Here is what I would suggest instead:

Just put an asterisk by the primes that are missing at Primesearch with a note at the top about what the asterisk means. Or you can use some other method of highlighting them to let us know that they are missing. I think that will save us a lot of time in the future knowing which ones are missing.
i deleted the remark when the prime is listed in the prime-overview-page at PrimeSearch.
many are not yet included there. i will not remark the new primes found by NPLB.

SOME day we will have our threads, your k=300-2000 page, the top-5000 site, your k<300 page, my k<300 page (which I may stop updating now that yours is up to date), and Wilfred Keller's Prothsearch k<300 page all in sync with one another!
that's my intention to display all primes without missing or errors for all k's ever tested and to make one page for all Riesel-Primes!

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