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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
the k<300 page on is available again with current data so far.

i also updated the 'Historicals and Milestones' thread with some new data!

EXCELLENT WORK Karsten! And thanks for checking and finding some errors on my page.

I think you mentioned in a PM removing the 'missing at Primesearch' verbiage from the k=300-2000 page. Here is what I would suggest instead:

Just put an asterisk by the primes that are missing at Primesearch with a note at the top about what the asterisk means. Or you can use some other method of highlighting them to let us know that they are missing. I think that will save us a lot of time in the future knowing which ones are missing.

SOME day we will have our threads, your k=300-2000 page, the top-5000 site, your k<300 page, my k<300 page (which I may stop updating now that yours is up to date), and Wilfred Keller's Prothsearch k<300 page all in sync with one another!

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