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There's one thing that I forgot to mention that we should probably do with the double-check drive: Report the ranges that we have searched that are not shown as searched up to n=260K at in the 'List of primes for k < 300' link. That info. would be send to Wilfred Keller.

Here is what you do:

1. Go to

2. Look and see how far your k's have been previoiusly reported as searched as far as the site is concerned. That range will be in brackets. For instance k=9 shows [200000] meaning that is the highest that anyone has reported the k as having been searched (regardless of how far it has ACTUALLY been searched).

3. If the search range shown is less than 260000, send an Email to Wilfred Keller at [ rz2a010 at ] telling him that you searched from n=100K-260K and the primes that you confirmed. State your actual name when you do this like is done when you enter an ID for reporting top-5000 primes.

4. Wilfred will then credit you with having searched the range on his 'searched intervals' page at If this is the first time you've reported ranges there, he will also add your name to the 'List of Contributors' at the bottom of the page. For k=9, he would show you as having searched 200000-260000 because someone else already reported it up to 200000.

There are 3 k's where we have now technically 'extended' the range searched as far as ProthSearch is concerned:

k=9 done by Mini-Geek. ProthSearch shows it at n=200000.
k=17 done by Flatlander. ProthSearch shows it at n=205000.
k=23 done by kar_bon. ProthSearch shows it at n=226600.

Tim, Chris, and Karsten, if the 3 of you can report the n=100K-260K completed ranges to Prof. Keller, that will help us help get that site a little more up to date. Be sure and include the primes that you confirmed in the Email. Thanks.

I reported a number of ranges to Prof. Keller when I did double-checking for RPS and it's a quick and easy process.

Whomever did the original searching on these k's at RPS or elsewhere failed to report their range so it is up to us to bring it a little more up to date since we're double-checking them.

The next k that will be 'extended' with this effort is k=33, which shows a search limit of 250000.

For the Riesel side, Prothsearch only maintains a page for k<300 so there's no need to concern ourselves with k>300.

My thinking on all of this is that EVENTUALLY (albeit a very long time), our threads here, the Primesearch site, the RPS k<300 page [if they ever decide to show it again (lol)], Karsten's/my k<300 page, Karsten's 300<k<2000 page, and the Prothsearch site will all be accurate and synced up and will reflect the ranges that have been actually searched for all k's. A huge undertaking I know but I like to think big.


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