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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
i updated all ranges for 301<k<1001 on the summary page.
i inserted the missing primes Gary wrote in the threads for drive #1 and #3.
the page for the Riesel-problem is ok now too (edited the error Siemilink found), and the corresponding k in 10^5-page.
i plan to insert all primes found in the last month (mostly by Burt in the range 1000<k<3000 and higher ones).
the menu (left side of shows the old dates but the pages itself contains the last edit date.
i will change these in the near future.
while my vacation i fill in some small primes for 10^7<k10^9 for n<50k to delete all phrases like "(90 primes to 50k)".

OUTSTANDING Karsten!! And I was thinking about assisting you in some way with that effort. I know what a huge undertaking it must be.

Thanks for updating things!

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